Ortho Grass Killer

Ortho Grass Killer is a selective herbicide that kills unwanted grass and grassy weeds. It can be used in both the lawn or garden. One of the benefits of using this product is the ability to kill grass without killing your shrubs or perennials, especially if grass is growing within your desirable plants.





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How to Use & When to Apply:

Use Ortho Grass Killer when grasses or grassy weeds are actively growing during the season. The herbicide is absorbed through the leaves and moves down into the roots, which kills the plants. This product is safe to use in and around broadleaf shrubs and plants such as (but not limited to) azalea, boxwood, holly, dogwood, and spruce.

Spray this product until the leaves are covered but not to the point of dripping. You may need to reapply a few weeks later if regrowth appears.

Ortho Grass Killer kills grass and grassy type weeds such as barnyardgrass, crabgrass, brome, foxtails, goosegrass, and panicum. Also kills perennials like bermudagrass, johnsongrass, and quackgrass, though these grasses are very tough and reapplication may be required.

Pros to Using Ortho Grass Killer

  • Good for spot spraying when you don’t need a lot of chemical
  • Will not hurt broadleaf perennials and shrubs–kills grass growing within them
  • For lawns and gardens
  • Easy to use sprayer 

Cons to Using Ortho Grass Killer

  • More expensive than non-selective herbicides such as Roundup
  • May need repeated application if regrowth occurs on grassy weeds

Available Sizes:

Helpful Link: How to Use Pesticides in Their Various Forms 

Ortho Grass Killer 32 Ounce Ready To Use (RTU)

This bottle of Ortho Grass Killer is ready to use immediately–no mixing required. Simply turn the nozzle and spray your grassy weeds. Bottle is durable and will last in storage.

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