Greenview Weed & Feed

Greenview Weed & Feed is a granule chemical used to kill broadleaf weeds in a lawn while also fertilizing at the same time. This product is applied using a spreader. When used as directed, it will only kill broadleaf weeds within your lawn and will not harm turfgrass.





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How to Use & When to Apply:

– Use when the lawn is slightly moist. Usually early or mid morning is a good time when the grass still has a morning dew. To have maximum efficiency, it is imperative that the lawn be slightly moist when you apply this product. The herbicide granules need to stick to the leaves of broadleaf weeds, and it’s easiest to achieve this when leaves are moist.

– While you want the leaves to be slightly moist, be sure rain is not in the forecast for at least 24 hours after application so the herbicide granules do not run off of the broadleaf weeds.

– While this product is listed for many weeds, it is best used on larger broadleaf weeds because larger leaves = more stickage. The herbicide is absorbed by the leaves and taken into the plant through the foliage. It is ineffective if it falls to the ground.

– Leaf curling and weed death should occur within a week or two. The theory behind a “weed and feed” is that the fertilizer will then help the grass grow and replace the area where the weeds were. Creating a dense, thick lawn is one of the best ways to control future weeds from overwhelming your turf.

– This product needs to be applied when weeds are actively growing–mid to late spring or fall are great times to apply.

Pros to Using Greenview Weed & Feed

  • Has no trouble killing easy-to-kill broadleaf weeds such as dandelion and plantain.
  • Easy to apply using a spreader. Simply dump in the hopper, select the proper setting, and spread.
  • Kills broadleaf weeds and fertilizes at the same time.
  • Fertilizer promotes a quick green in turfgrass but also has extended feed.

Cons to Using Greenview Weed & Feed

  • If lawn is not slightly moist at application, herbicide may not stick to the leaves of the weeds and they will not die.
  • Granules have trouble sticking to smaller broadleaf weeds such as chickweed, smartweed, clover and oxalis to name a few.

General rule of thumb: this product kills larger leafed, easy-to-kill weeds quite nicely.
It struggles with smaller leafed, aggressive/tougher-to-kill species.

  • Does not have any effect on crabgrass and other annual grassy weeds.

Available Sizes:

Helpful Link: How to Use Pesticides in Their Various Forms

Greenview Weed & Feed 5,000 Square Foot Bag

This bag of granules covers 5,000 square feet which equates to about ⅛ of an acre. (There are 43,560 square feet per acre). Bags are measured in square feet rather than pounds to ensure proper use. This is a perfect size for small lawns or properties like a townhouse. Larger sized bags are available as well, but this is a good place to start. Spreader settings are listed on the bag for common types of spreaders such as Scotts.

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