Espoma Tomato Tone

Espoma Tomato-tone is an organic, slow-release plant food that can be used to add nutrients and beneficial microbes to the soil to improve soil quality and provide nutrition for tomatoes and vegetables. The balance of nutrients helps encourage more flowers to maximize fruit production, and the calcium helps prevent blossom-end rot.





How to Use & When to Apply:

When planting tomato beds, work 3 pounds for every 50 square feet into the top 4 to 6 inches of soil. To reapply, apply 1 cup per 5 feet of row twice a month throughout the growing season. Water thoroughly after application. Keep fertilizer at least 3 inches from stems and avoid contact with leaves.

For individual plants, work 3 tablespoons of Tomato-tone into the soil when planting, then water in. Repeat monthly through the growing season.

For potted plants, combine 2 cups of Tomato-tone per cubic foot of soil (1½ teaspoons per quart of soil) and use to fill containers. Feed twice a month with 1½ teaspoons per 4 inches of pot diameter. Water thoroughly after application.

Pros to Using Espoma Tomato-tone

  • This product can be used for all vegetables, not just tomatoes
  • This complete tomato food contains calcium to prevent blossom-end rot
  • Organic fertilizer nourishes soil and plants without adding extra chemicals
  • Fertilizing and adding organic matter to soil improves the quality of the soil, which in turn nourishes the plant

Cons to Using Espoma Tomato-tone

  • Tomato-tone is a slow-release fertilizer, not fast-acting like some formulas
  • More expensive than some other garden fertilizers

Available Sizes:

Espoma Tomato Tone 4-pound bag

The 4-pound bag is a good size for just a few tomato plants, a container garden, or a small vegetable garden.

Espoma Tomato Tone 18-pound bag

The 18-pound size is the most economical choice for a small to mid-sized vegetable garden.

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