Espoma Soil Acidifier

Espoma Soil Acidifier is an organic source of elemental sulfur that can be used to lower the pH of garden soil. It can be used for blueberries, azaleas, and other acid-loving plants, and can be applied to hydrangeas to turn them blue. Sulfur can also be added to treat and prevent sulfur deficiency in susceptible plants.





How to Use & When to Apply:

To lower soil pH, apply Espoma Soil Acidifier in spring. Use a soil tester to monitor pH level before amending soil. Wear gloves when applying sulfur.

  • Apply 1¼ cups per plant for new plantings
  • Apply 2½ cups to each established plant

Spread evenly around the base of the plant out to the drip line and water well. Repeat every 60 days until desired pH or bloom color is achieved.

To lower pH in larger areas, apply 12 pounds per 100 feet for each 1-point reduction in soil pH desired. For heavy clay soils, use 15 pounds per 100 feet. Water thoroughly. Adjust pH gradually to avoid plant stress.

As a fertilizer, apply ½ cup per 100 square feet, or 1 tablespoon per individual plant, around the root zone and water thoroughly.

Pros to Using Espoma Soil Acidifier

  • Organic sulfur is safe for use on berries and other food plants
  • Elemental sulfur breaks down over time so it’s less likely to cause plant stress
  • Great for modifying the soil pH for acid-loving species

Cons to Using Espoma Soil Acidifier

  • Not as fast acting as nonorganic products like aluminum sulfate
  • Generally more expensive than other sulfur products due to organic nature

 Available Sizes:

Espoma Soil Acidifier 6-pound bag

The 6-pound bag is the perfect size for a garden that has just a few acid-loving plants or when only a small change in pH is desired. Great for a few blueberry bushes or rhododendrons.

Espoma Soil Acidifier 30-pound bag

The 30-pound bag is a more economical size for a large yard or garden with many acid-loving plants, or when a larger change to soil pH is desired.

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