Espoma Seed Starter Mix

Espoma Seed Starter Premium Potting Mix is an organic planting mix that can be used for starting seeds and rooting plant cuttings. It’s formulated to keep soil moist but well-drained, and to promote root growth.





How to Use & When to Apply:

Use in late winter or early spring to start seeds for transplanting into the garden, or any time you  propagate houseplants or garden plants from cuttings.

To start seeds:

  • Fill peat pots, planting trays, or other shallow containers with Espoma Seed Starter mix.
  • Plant seeds according to package directions.
  • Place trays in a warm, brightly lit location, but avoid direct sunlight.
  • Keep soil moist by misting with a spray bottle.
  • Once seedlings develop their first true leaves, gently remove from planting trays and transplant into a larger container or outdoors into a prepared bed.

To start plants from cuttings:

  • Fill a peat pot or other container with Espoma Seed Starter mix.
  • Make a hole in the soil with a pencil and gently insert the cutting. Pat the soil around the cutting to fill in the hole.
  • Keep soil moist until roots are developed and the plant can be transplanted. Root development can take a few days to a few months, depending on the plant. Check by gently pulling on the cutting. If it comes right out, it isn’t ready to transplant. Resistance signals root growth, so this plant is probably ready to transplant.

Pros to Using Espoma Seed Starter Premium Potting Mix:

  • This mix is light and fluffy, which is good for root development.
  • It promotes well-drained soil to guard against root rot.
  • Adding organic matter to soil improves the quality of the soil, which in turn nourishes the plant.
  • This mix is relatively low in price compared to other planting mixes.

Cons to Using Espoma Seed Starter Premium Potting Mix:

  • The largest bag is only 16 quarts, so more than one bag may be needed to plant a large number of seeds or cuttings.

Available Sizes:

Espoma Seed Starter Mix 8-quart bag

The 8-quart bag is a convenient size for a small garden bed or container garden, or to keep on hand for starting plant cuttings.

Espoma Seed Starter Mix 16-quart bag

The 16-quart bag is a good size for starting seeds for a large garden or for starting multiple plant cuttings.

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