Bonide Turbo Sticker Spreader

Bonide Spreader Sticker is technically not a herbicide--it will not kill weeds. However, it is an “add-on” product that helps your herbicide work better. Use Spreader Sticker in your herbicide mix to ensure that your herbicide sticks to leaf surfaces. This helps the herbicide to become more potent and better absorbed into the leaves, which means it’s more effective and more efficient for your time, energy, and dollars.





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How to Use & When to Apply:

In general, use 1 ounce of this product per 1 gallon of herbicide mix. Make sure sprayer is properly stirred so that Spreader Sticker is properly mixed throughout.

Spray when leaves are dry for maximum effectiveness. This product is great for use on weeds such as poison ivy, wild violet, creeping charlie and many other tough-to-kill weeds. Spreader Sticker is very effective in situations when weed leaves are glossy coated or very small.

Pros to Using Bonide Turbo Sticker Spreader

  • Helps make herbicide mix much more effective by increasing absorption
  • A little bit goes a long way (1 ounce per gallon)
  • Saves you money by maximizing efficiency the first spray–reduces the need for repeated applications

Cons to Using Bonide Turbo Sticker Spreader

  • May not be necessary for use on easy-to-kill weeds

Available Sizes:

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8oz Bonide Turbo Spreader Sticker

Bonide Turbo Spreader Sticker is available in an 8 ounce bottle. Requires measuring cup to properly measure correct dosage.

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