Bonide Grass Beater

Bonide Grass Beater is a selective herbicide that targets and eliminates grass and grassy weeds in your lawn and garden. This product is made so that it does not affect broadleaf plants such as perennials and shrubs. Do you have grass growing within your shrubs that is impossible to pull out? This is a great reason to use Bonide Grass Beater. Simply spray this product on the grass and it will kill it--without affecting your shrubs!





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How to Use & When to Apply:

Spray Bonide Grass Beater during the season when weeds are active. The chemical works by being absorbed into the leaves of the plants. Do not spray on desirable grasses such as turfgrass or ornamental grasses in your garden.

**Commonly asked question**
“Is Bonide Grass Beater safe for use on Liriope groundcover?”
Answer: Yes, it is labeled for use for liriope.

If you are in doubt if this product is safe to spray around a certain plant, you can find a copy of the label here.

Spray this product until the leaves are covered but not to the point of dripping. You may need to reapply a few weeks later if regrowth appears.

Bonide Grass Beater kills grass and grassy type weeds such as barnyardgrass, crabgrass, brome, foxtails, goosegrass, and panicum. Also kills perennials like bermudagrass, johnsongrass and quackgrass–though these grasses are very tough and reapplication may be required.

Pros to Using Bonide Grass Beater

  • Great for spot treatments in a lawn or garden
  • Will not hurt broadleaf perennials and shrubs
  • Good for killing grass growing within other plants
  • Concentrate gives you good bang for the buck

Cons to Using Bonide Grass Beater

  • More expensive than non-selective herbicides such as Roundup
  • May need repeated application if regrowth occurs on grassy weeds

Available Sizes:

Helpful Link: How to Use Pesticides in Their Various Forms 

Bonide Grass Beater 8 Ounce Concentrate

This little bottle of concentrate may seem small, but it packs a punch! Just one bottle goes a long way. Requires mixing with water in a tank sprayer. Great for large properties or gardens.

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