Bonide Fruit Tree & Plant Guard

Bonide Fruit Tree & Plant Guard is a top of the line chemical for preventing and controlling insects and disease on fruit trees and other ornamental plants. It is one of the best products available to homeowners because it helps with a wide range of issues. The most important part of this product is that is contains high quality ingredients: one insecticide and two fungicides.





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How to Use & When to Apply:

For all diseases and pests, prevention is your best means of control. This means spraying early before problems arise or just as they begin. And this is especially true with fruit trees. Unfortunately, they are very prone to a wide range of insect and disease problems. Apples, peaches, plums, cherries, nectarines, pears, and other fruit trees can all be sprayed with this chemical in order to prevent and control these issues.

On the label, you’ll see a small box entitled “Fruit Tree Stages and Spray Schedule.” This box will help you with your spray timing. It is a guideline, of course, but it’s a good program to follow closely. It requires a total of 5 sprays but gives you the best possible guard against insects and disease.

Pre-Spray: Before trees begin to bud out in spring (no leaves or green buds)

Spray with Bonide Horticultural Dormant Oil PA29 to control any overwintering insects or egg masses. This is a good way to start the season to prevent these insect populations immediately before they begin to grow and multiply.

Spray 1: Green Tip Stage

First application is made (with Fruit Tree & Plant Guard) when you begin to see green buds on the trees.

Spray 2: Petal Fall Stage

Do NOT spray when plant is in bloom. REPEAT: Do NOT spray when tree is in bloom. This will kill your helpful pollinators like bees and not only will your fruit quantities be poor, but it is bad for our environment. Spray 2 should be made when petals are falling off the tree and when pollinating insects are gone.

Spray 3: Fruit Set Stage

This spray should be made when baby fruits are visible and established.

Spray 4: 10-14 Days Later

This spray should be made 10-14 days after spray 3.

Spray 5: 10-14 Days Later

This spray should be made 10-14 days after spray 4.

The label calls for no more sprays after this. Unfortunately due to weather occasionally this is not enough and it can be difficult to time these sprays properly in the spring due to rain and wetness. In most cases though, this spray schedule puts your best foot forward and provides the best control possible.

When you are spraying, do your best to spray the entire tree. Untreated areas will be left vulnerable so it is vital to spray as much of the tree as possible. Be sure to wear proper safety gear and spray using proper techniques as seen in our guide.

Pros to Using Bonide Fruit Tree & Plant Guard

  • Broad spectrum: controls a wide range of both insects and disease since it includes an insecticide and two fungicides within the formulation
  • Since it contains two fungicides, risk of disease resistance is lessened due to multiple modes of action
  • Requires only two ounces of chemical per gallon of mix 
  • Comes in a hose end form which is an efficient way to spray fruit trees and ornamentals

Cons to Using Bonide Fruit Tree & Plant Guard

  • Does not come in a ready to use (requires mixing for concentrates or garden hose for hose end)
  • Branded as a fruit tree product so many people believe it can only be used on fruit trees when it can be used on a wide range of plants
  • Fruit trees can require multiple sprays in order to get orchard quality fruit–this product requires at least 5 sprays per year for maximum effectiveness

Available Sizes:

Helpful Link: How to Use Pesticides in Their Various Forms

Fruit Tree & Plant Guard comes in an assortment of concentrate sizes ranging from 8 to 64 ounces. No matter which one you buy, the mix calls for 2 ounces of chemical per gallon of water. This is an economical way to buy this product and it’s a great bang for the buck since it can be used on ornamentals as well as fruit trees.

Bonide Fruit Tree & Plant Guard 32 Ounce Hose End

The hose end form of this chemical is a great way to spray larger trees. Simply hook to your hose, point, and spray. It will do all the mixing for you. The spray can reach up to 18 feet long and allows for great coverage of trees in an orchard.

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