Bonide All Seasons Spray Oil

Bonide All Seasons Horticultural Oil is a natural, organic pesticide used to kill insects such as scale, aphids, mealybugs, whitefly, and many others. This product is widely used because of the combination of its effectiveness on insects yet having low toxicity to humans.





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How to Use & When to Apply:

Horticultural oil works by smothering egg masses and insects. This product is best used early in the season or just as insect populations are becoming problematic. In general, the smaller the insects and the sooner you can smother them, the better this product works.

It is organic and natural which means low toxicity for humans. That said, all label instructions and directions should always be followed for safety because it is still a chemical. However, it is one of the best chemicals for natural insect control in your garden.

All Seasons Horticultural Oil is often used on fruit trees in early spring while they are dormant in order to smother any overwintering egg masses or emerging insects. It can also be used on ornamentals and vegetables gardens. Works wonderfully on indoor plants to kill scale, aphids, whitefly, and many other indoor pests.

Pros to Using Bonide All Seasons Spray Oil

  • Can be used at any time of year (hence the name “All Seasons”) although care should be made not to spray in hot temperatures. If you must spray during the summer, spray in the morning or evening (preferable) when temperatures are cooler.
  • Controls overwintering eggs of red spiders, scale insects, aphids, bud moths, leaf roller, red bug, codling moth, blister mites, galls, whitefly, mealy bugs, and other insects. List courtesy of Bonide’s website.
  • Can be used on fruit trees, ornamental trees and shrubs, vegetables, roses, and flowers. 
  • Very popular for use on fruit trees (along with Bonide Fruit Tree & Plant Guard) early in the season before leaves emerge.

Cons to Using Bonide All Seasons Spray Oil

  • Like all insecticides, care should be taken not to spray flowers because of potential damage to pollinator insects
  • Best to kill/control egg masses, young insect populations, and easy to kill insects. Struggles to kill aggressive/tougher insects such as Japanese beetles, stink bugs, or squash bugs
  • Requires scouting to control insects before they begin attacking or in early stages of damage

Available Sizes:

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Bonide All Seasons Spray Oil 32 Ounce Ready to Use

Although this size is not as cost effective as the others because it comes pre-mixed with water, it is ready to use as soon as you get it home. Simply point and spray. Perfect for spot spraying or for small infestations within your yard or garden.

Bonide All Seasons Spray Oil 32 Ounce Ready to Spray Hose End

The hose end bottle comes pre-mixed and ready to use. Simply attach the bottle to the end of your garden hose, point, and spray. It will siphon out automatically in the proper concentrate. Great for large vegetable or ornamental gardens or for fruit trees. Spray can reach up to 18 feet with proper water pressure which can help you reach the canopy of small fruit trees.

All Seasons Horticultural Oil is available in two sizes of concentrate: a 16 ounce (pint) and 128 ounce (gallon). This is the most cost effective way to purchase this product because it does not come pre-mixed with water. It does, however, require you to mix this chemical with water yourself in a spray tank or bottle according to the directions on the label. These sizes are best for larger gardens or orchards.

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