As always, I am happy to help gardeners answer their questions for free via email or social media. For those who want to take an extra step, I am now offering one-on-one consulting/coaching for gardening and landscaping.

Problem Solving

We can schedule an in-person visit to analyze and solve plant or landscape issues and develop solutions and recommendations to help you improve the site.

Garden & Landscape Design

I am happy to help you create a landscape based upon your specific site and individual needs. This can be as simple as a basic sketch or a more developed and complex landscape design. I can work one-on-one with you to ensure your goals are met.

Plant Sourcing & Shopping

Whether you’re looking for a single unique specimen plant or shrubs and flowers for your entire landscape, I can help you source the plants you need. This may be as simple as pointing you in the right direction, or we can develop a landscape plan and visit a nursery together to buy the plant material.

Let’s Work Together

Ready to get started? Contact Matt for a quote.

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