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Hello and welcome! My name is Matt and I started Mid Atlantic Gardening to help gardeners in the Mid Atlantic (and beyond!) with their lawn and garden problems and issues.

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My story originates in the small town of Westminster, Maryland (central part of the state, zone 6) where I was born and raised. From a young age I always had an interest in gardening. Growing up on 3 acres of land, I quickly took to gardening with my dad. As he was building ponds and landscapes on our property, I would play right beside him in my own garden- transplanting weeds like crabgrass and foxtail that I would find growing around the yard and tending to them every day. Hey, they looked like cool plants at the time!
As I grew older, I began to develop more of an interest in horticulture, beginning with trees and quickly spreading to other areas like vegetable gardening, water gardens and native plants. I studied ornamental horticulture at Delaware Valley University, graduating in 2011. Currently I manage an independent garden center in Maryland and operate a side nursery business as well. In the garden center, I enjoy working with the public and it’s very satisfying to be able to help customers with their lawn and garden questions. Although I have a degree in horticulture, it’s amazing how much you can continue to learn on a daily basis by talking with people about their plants, gardens, and experiences.
My side nursery business was born in 2013. Named after my favorite plant, the Sweetbay Magnolia, Sweetbay Farms Nursery has been one of the most satisfying endeavors of my life so far. Each season I grow thousands of woody shrubs, perennials, annuals and vegetable starter plants in a greenhouse on my property that was built from scratch. There have been plenty of frustrations along the way- including leaks in the irrigation line, cold springs where my heating costs soared, crop failures, groundhogs dining in my perennial sections, and many more issues I don’t care to remember. But ultimately the experience has been awesome- there’s no better sight in early spring than a greenhouse full of plants ready to pop. Every year brings something different and a new challenge.

Please feel free to reach out and contact me for questions or comments about anything on this site. I would love to hear about your gardens! Thanks for reading!


Mid Atlantic Gardening Founder

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