Brush Killer is a selective broadleaf herbicide that is branded for killing tough brush and brambles. It is one of the strongest broadleaf herbicides on the market due to its ability to translocate down into the roots, causing a complete kill. Great for use on woody plants such as poison ivy, honeysuckle, bittersweet, and many other weeds.

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How to Use & When to Apply:

Mix concentrate in water according to the label directions (usually 4 oz per gallon of water). Apply Brush Killer when plants are actively growing in spring, summer, or early fall. It needs to be applied when leaves are dry so that the liquid herbicide is absorbed into the leaves and taken down into the roots.

For very tough to kill weeds, it may take repeat applications to result in a complete kill. In these situations, wait for the weeds to regenerate so that you have leaf surface to spray, then spray again. Brush Killer is a strong chemical and will work well when used as directed.

Brush Killer can also be painted (undiluted, not mixed with water) onto stumps of plants to kill them completely. In some cases, it’s easier to cut down the problem weeds to 12 inches or less in height. Paint the top of the stump with Brush Killer. This works well especially in the fall when plants are naturally translocating sugars downward into the roots–the Brush Killer goes right along with it, killing the roots.

Note: Brush Killer does not kill grass and is safe to use on turfgrass when used as directed on label instructions.

Pros to Using Product Name

  • Great systemic action–killing all the way down to the roots. Very strong and powerful on woody plants and difficult to kill weeds
  • Will not kill lawn or turfgrass when used as directed
  • Can be sprayed onto plants or painted onto live stumps

Cons to Using Product Name

  • Not available in a ready to use bottle (requires spray tank)
  • Does not kill problem grass weeds (only broadleaf plants and weeds)
  • Non-selective and will kill ornamental/desirable trees and shrubs if sprayed

Available Sizes:

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Brush Killer is available in three different sizes of concentrate. These require the use of a sprayer because they need to be mixed with water. In most cases, you’ll need 4 oz of chemical per gallon of water. The 16-ounce concentrate is great for smaller jobs while the 128-ounce concentrate (1 gallon) is perfect for large areas where you need to kill a lot of brush and weeds.

(P1) 16 oz Concentrate

(P2) 32 oz Concentrate

(P3) 128 oz Concentrate