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I am often asked which products I use for my own lawn and garden. The products that follow are ones that I recommend. Please click on the link for a more in-depth description of the product.

Note: Please keep in mind that while I do not have any sponsorship from any of these manufacturers, I do make a small commission on any sales made through Amazon.com links. This helps me keep the website up and running and does not cost you any additional money. Thank you for your continued support!

Liquid Herbicides

Brush Killer BK32

Bonide  |  16 oz Conc

Brush Killer is a selective broadleaf herbicide that is branded for killing tough brush and brambles. It is one of the strongest broadleaf herbicides on the market due to its ability to translocate down into the roots, causing a complete kill. Great for use on woody plants such as poison ivy, honeysuckle, bittersweet, and many other weeds.

Granule Lawn Chemicals & Herbicides

3 in One Products: Insecticide-Fungicide-Miticide



Landscape Fabric

Seed Starting




Houseplant Products

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